Help Your Students Choose Their Career

We Support local school districts to familiarize, prepare, and connect students, especially students that are not college or military-bound, to jobs after graduation.

To ensure a successful transition into the local workforce, graduating high school seniors should have an understanding of the local labor market and a plan for entrance into a career field. That’s where we come in.

High School Connections Work Group

In 2018, over half of high school graduates in the Firelands region did not go to college immediately, of these students almost a third do not have a career plan.

This Work Group will work to improve the knowledge of the local labor market of all high school students in the region; seek to increase the number of seniors who have a career plan upon graduation and build connections between high school seniors and local employers in targeted industries to facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.

Current Projects

Projects should serve high school students, with a focus on Junior and Seniors. Additionally, the Work Group should select a subset of industries to focus on which have advancement opportunities for entry level workers and/or pay a regionally defined living wage. All projects developed by the Working Group will focus on the schools districts in the North Point and businesses who have locations within Erie and Huron counties. 

How can education change to be more relevant to students’ lives and future careers?

Teacher Business Boot Camp

Designed to expose teachers and administrators in the region to the career paths available for their students. During camp, Teachers will tour six businesses in Erie County over the course of three days. Educators will experience careers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Hospitality (The three primary drivers of our local economy), as well as be exposed to the collateral career paths associated with each industry. Each educator will then give a final presentation on a lesson or unit plan that will incorporate the information they learned while at each facility/business. Bootcamp provides teachers with three graduate credits from Ashland University for participating.

Our Partners

The Erie County Teacher Bootcamp was truly eye opening. There are a wealth of opportunities in our area for students who wish to directly enter the workforce after high school, and for students who with to return to Erie County to live and work after college. The job of all educators is to inform students of these vast opportunities and to prepare students with the skills needed to be a successful employee. We can all work in partnership to improve the success of our students, businesses and community.

Katie Harkelroad

Vermillion Local Schools

Firelands Forward Strategic Plan

Covering a three year time horizon, 2020-2023, and developed with vast community input, the Firelands Forward Workforce Development Plan is designed to improve job skills, fulfillment, and retention. The Plan frames and builds coordination and collaboration across education, job training, and other supportive services to drive economic growth. It includes accountable and measurable solutions for improving the workforce.

Working to Solve Our Turnover Challenge

As a region – and a nation – we face the issue of high labor force turnover rates. Workers, especially those in lower-income professions, are leaving their jobs often, and this is causing instability for both employees and employers. What can we do about it?  Read our white paper on the causes and effects of turnover, and reach out to our team to discuss your insights and needs!

The Social Safety Net

We’ve all heard it – “the social safety net disincentivizes work” – especially in a policy environment that is placing more emphasis on providing public benefits to more people, in more situations. So does this narrative hold up to scrutiny? What are the reasons why, or why not? We’ll explore that and more in this white paper on the social safety net and the benefits cliff. 

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