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Talent Attraction, Retention & Development for Erie, Huron & Ottawa Counties

A Workforce Collaborative

We Are the Firelands

Firelands Forward Workforce Development – a business driven engine dedicated to advancing economic competitiveness and quality of life in the Firelands region.

What are the Firelands?

In 1792, 500,000 acres of land were given to Connecticut property owners as recompense for land lost due to the British fire raids during the American Revolution. Today, the land consists of nearly all of Huron & Erie Counties, Danbury Township (Marblehead Peninsula) Catawba Island Township and Ruggles Township (Ashland County).

A Regional Approach

Regions that most effectively manage their talent will be more competitive in business retention and attraction and the development of jobs that people need to support themselves and their families. Labor is a shared regional asset, every person’s and company’s success will hinge on how well we work

Business & Industry

Driven by the region’s largest employers, Firelands Forward was born of local economic need.

 A Few of our Partners:

Cedar Fair
Civista Bank
Firelands Health System
Stanley Black & Decker                Kalahari                                                  Magruder Hospital                                      Fisher-Titus Regional Medical Center  Dave’s Food Mart Norwalk & Avery Clearwater Council of Governments                                                                     


Public Sector

Schools and government – essential pieces of a thriving region have come together to drive the Firelands workforce forward.

A Few of our Partners:

BGSU Firelands
Erie County Commissioners
Erie County Department of Job & Family Services
Huron County Commissioners
Huron County Department of Job & Family Services
Shores & Islands, Ohio                        Ottawa County Commissioners              Ottawa County Department of Job & Family Services


Between non-profits and engaged citizens, the community is the glue that binds our region’s workforce system together.

A Few of our Partners:

Erie County Economic Development Corporation                                                  Erie County Community Foundation Mylander Foundation                          Dorn Foundation
Norwalk Economic Development Corporation                                          Ottawa County Improvement Corporation                                           Norwalk Area United Fund                      Child Care Resource Center

Regionomics: Hierarchy of Workforce Needs

The complexity of the workforce landscape demands an integrated and tiered approach to begin to address the many underlying causes of low labor force participation. Firelands Forward created the Workforce Hierarchy of Needs (based off of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)...

Regionomics: More Small Businesses = Stronger Communities

What is a small business? This can seem like a straightforward question. It’s that mom-and-pop shop down the street from my house I have been going to for years. But to better study and understand small businesses, which is what we do at ECEDC, it is important to use...

Fisher-Titus Medical Center Nationally Recognized for a Third Time as Best Maternity Care Hospital

(MAY 24, 2022, Norwalk) – Fisher-Titus has been awarded on Newsweek’s list of Best Maternity Hospitals 2022 – only one of 350 winners recognized nationally. This is the third year in a row they have received this recognition and is the only facility in the region to...

Child Care Study

Firelands Forward Regional Child Care Study In partnership with the Child Care Resource Center, a Child Care Study was completed throughout the Firelands Region. Every day parents across North Central Ohio make difficult decisions about who will care for their...

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