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We serve as an extension of your HR team, making direct and meaningful connections to grow your company through a stable, skilled, and supported workforce.

Serving all employers in Erie, Huron & Ottawa Counties, our connections span our labor shed, from Cleveland to Toledo, and the resources we can access go beyond that. Utilize our team as your company’s concierge for in-depth data services, recruiting, headhunting, workforce grants, training grants, and all the connections and resources you need.

Join Our Employer Resource Network!

Employer Resource Networks® are private-public consortia whose purpose is improved workforce retention through employee support and training. We’re excited to partner with ERN Ohio to grow our first network dediated to supporting our workforce with resources and services including childcare, transporation, financial assitance, housing and more. 

Manufacturing Mentorship Program

The program encourages minors to pursue their interests in manufacturing, providing an opportunity for students (aged 16 – 17), parents,and teachers to take advantage of valuable training in the skilled trades. Commerce and other state agencies are working on workforce initiatives like this to support the projected 2 million manufacturing jobs that will go unfilled due to a growing skills gap over the next decade.

Employer Services

Grow our region’s economy by connecting a stable skilled and supported labor force to meaningful and sustaining employment.

Recruiting & Placement

We utilize our regional network and resources to head hunt for you. We help with marketing of  job descriptions, access to LinkedIn Recruiter, direct connection to graduating seniors (college & High School)  and more.

Data Services

Utilize Firelands Forward access to extensive labor market data to make informed decisions in your hiring process. We conduct wage analysis, job description comparables, and more in-depth, custom data services.

Resource Connection

In today’s workforce system there are an abundance of technical and financial resources available for your company. Firelands Forward can serve as your “concierge” in navigating and applying for all kinds of workforce and training grants. Also utilize our deep connections across trade groups and young professionals groups to see what further opportunities may be awaiting you.

Front Line Retention Work Group

Low wage frontline workers often face challenges securing supports such as childcare and transportation which enable them to be productive employees which can prevent them from advancing into higher paying roles with more stability.

This Work Group will work to improve the connection to and use of supportive services by low frontline workers and development of intentional pathways to advancement for qualified frontline workers which lead to higher wages in targeted industries in the Firelands region.

Current Projects

Projects should serve frontline workers, with a focus on those earning wages $25,000 or less. Additionally, the Work Group should select a subset of industries to focus on which have advancement opportunities for frontline workers and/or pay a regionally defined living wage. All projects developed by the Working Group will focus on residents of and businesses who have locations within Erie and Huron counties.

Helping You Find the Employees you Need Now and in the Future.

Firelands Forward Strategic Plan

Covering a three year time horizon, 2020-2023, and developed with vast community input, the Firelands Forward Workforce Development Plan is designed to improve job skills, fulfillment, and retention. The Plan frames and builds coordination and collaboration across education, job training, and other supportive services to drive economic growth. It includes accountable and measurable solutions for improving the workforce.

Working to Solve Our Turnover Challenge

As a region – and a nation – we face the issue of high labor force turnover rates. Workers, especially those in lower-income professions, are leaving their jobs often, and this is causing instability for both employees and employers. What can we do about it?  Read our white paper on the causes and effects of turnover, and reach out to our team to discuss your insights and needs!

The Social Safety Net

We’ve all heard it – “the social safety net disincentivizes work” – especially in a policy environment that is placing more emphasis on providing public benefits to more people, in more situations. So does this narrative hold up to scrutiny? What are the reasons why, or why not? We’ll explore that and more in this white paper on the social safety net and the benefits cliff. 

Sandusky Career Center Earns High Ranking

The Nursing Schools Almanac has recently released the 2021 rankings of the best nursing programs of Ohio.The Sandusky Career Center has been recognized on the list of best registered nursing (RN) diploma programs and the best licensed practical nursing (LPN) programs....

Topical Tuesday: holiday practices

The holidays can be a difficult time to navigate as an employer. All employers want is a happy staff for the holiday season. But that begs the question: What am I expected to do? I'm glad you asked, and you came to the right place. Discovering the best practices for a...

Manufacturing Mentorship Program is now Live!

Manufacturing Mentorship Program Trains Future Generations of Makers (COLUMBUS, Ohio)— Friday, Oct. 1, is National Manufacturing Day, and to celebrate the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Industrial Compliance is highlighting the benefits of the Manufacturing...

Trade School Perception Improves During Pandemic

Trade School Perception Improves During PandemicTrade school has long struggled to gain recognition as a worthy alternative to four-year college, but the pandemic is changing perceptions, with one-third of Americans now viewing trade school as a more favorable option...

2021 Annual Meeting Awards

Erie County Economic Development Corporation (ECEDC) gathered over 250 partners, investors, and guests at Cedar Point’s Lakeside Pavilion to celebrate the extraordinary growth and development of Erie County over the past year.Each year, ECEDC acknowledges the county’s...

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